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Monday, February 7, 2011

Home Brew Triple Reviewed!

My recent light-hearted capitulation of a post turned out to be true; Big Stevie Segal was on TV last night. And I drank some Triple! The prophecy was complete. Ah, the wisdom achieved off the back of home brew.

So, finally, we see an educated review of a home brewed beer on here. I’ve been reading up, and I think some of the words are:
Very malty.
Spiced and hopped.
Light smokiness (from the sugar, I think).
Not overly, but noticeably sweet.
Above all, the eagerness of double vision so soon after the first glass makes me think I needn’t have bothered getting two bottles out of the shed.

I’d like to reassure you of my determination to being a better beer blogger. Soon, I will buy myriad beers and sample them all, as my homework, in order that my palette be better next time I drink something I don’t think I’ve ever tried before.

Finally, a warm welcome to the person or persons responsible for the 36 hits from Norway this week, and the occasional visitor from Israel. Spying on you wasn’t as easy before Browser Cookies, what? Please, leave comments, so I can look good.


  1. Greetings from Estonia. We likes to drink beer in Estonia.

  2. Thanks for the review. Will be brewing a double batch of Brewferm Triple with S-33 yeast this weekend. Will let you know how it turns out in two months.