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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another Irish Red Ale

I've just used up my last 5lbs of pale malt, so that's the last brew-day for a while. So, what do you brew when you know you've only one brew left? Could it be an Oat Stout, seeing as how there's some Oat Malt left over from the beer I'll be posting about soon? Or maybe a small batch of IPA, seeing as how there's lots of Goldings left over from that beer I just hinted at? No, we'll go with another Irish Red Ale.

The last post loosely describes making my last Irish Red, which can't be that long ago as I've still two-dozen bottles left, so why brew another? Well, apart from the fact that I like it, the last one actually tastes more like a British Mild Ale, which isn't what I wanted. I want RED, with all the caramel and roast flavours, but I chickened out of adding in enough roasted barley into the brew, and ended up with a very simple ale.

Next up for a blog post is the last brew I did, which is a very old recipe for a Yorkshire Oat Ale. How will it turn out? Who knows. I'm worried it'll end up as expensive drain-cleaner, but you never know.

That's it for now. Nothing exciting happened during the making of the red ale, unless you count pouring the wort into the fermenter, realising that you forgot to add Irish Moss into the brew kettle, and pouring it all back in again for another 15 minute boil! I took it as a sign from the Brew Gods, and added another half ounce of hops for their pleasure.