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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Resolution

An(other) update.

Shortly before christmas I did the following:

1. Tried the Triple. Nice, but definately needs more time in the shed.
2. Sniffed the cider. Looks like it can wait till spring, too. Back under the stairs with ye.
3. Finished the rest of everything else. Another local home brewer brought round some (posh) Pilsner too (in a screw top wine bottle - brave), so we had a little sample evening. It wasn't a 'home brew party' by a long way, but it's the closest I've got yet! The upshot is Pilsner will be on my next shopping list.

Father Christmas was good to me again this year. Three beery books*, and a mystery piece of brewing paraphernalia from a market in town. Of course, the mystery may unravel once I see it, but so far, all we know is it's home brew related. And in the shop. I've got my fingers crossed for a mash tun.
*I spy a link*
I'm reading about extract brewing, at the moment, *there it is!* which is giving me ideas for a summer project. I'm hoping the hop plant I got last year will flower this time, giving me a good opportunity to try something a little more like making Uncle Ben's stir fry, and less like the Bachelor's tinned soup method that I'm used to. Although I can't even do that, at the moment, as I've knackered another tin opener. I'm going to try the ones that cut in from the side next. An unexpected lesson to learn.

In the meantime, a bit more waiting. Waiting for some disposable cash for more tins, or for the two stalwarts, sitting it out under the stairs/in the shed, to mature - whichever comes first!

For now, though, I think a New Year's toast** is in order; make mine a home brew!

*The books will appear on the Reviews page soon.
I also got some Olde Worlde ale spices to put in cider, ale etc which I'm looking forward to. Hope I don't confuse them with the normal teabags. I'll throw in a review of them, too, 'coz I like your face.

**New Year's Toast = anagram = We r Oats n' Yeast!