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HBID's mucker, Richard, is a respectable beer conoisseur in our local, and legend of the pub quiz team 'Pure Bongo'. He's on the home brew list, and next up for a review is the Brewferm Triple. I wonder what he'll make of it...

The Bitter! (Hambleton Bard's)
On May 2010 I received a 2 litre bottle of Tom's finest homebrew bitter, I will admit I was a bit apprehensive of the slightly cloudy concoction and it rested for an almighty 5 months in my house and underwent a move to a new house before it was consumed. However, the new house needed christened and the finely chilled brew looked like the very tool for the job.
With it's 5 month extra fermentation I was unsure if it would be up to much, but I am glad to say I was VERY pleasantly surprised. Upon twisting the cap, on the very strained plastic bottle, it emitted a gentle 'pfsssst' and bubbled gently waiting to be poured. I grabbed a glass and did my best beer pouring pose to ensure a nicely measured head. It was a nice treacle brown and relativity clear, I gave it a sniff and it smelled like beer so I thought I better give it a drink and see if I lived. It went down very well, smooth with a slightly sweet fruity after taste. I had been drinking Heineken prior to this so my taste buds may not have been on full form, but they know what they like and they liked Tom's Bitter! The bottle was shared between 3 people and everyone agreed it was a fine brew!
We all had a nice warm glow about us for the rest of the evening and I am glad to say no upset stomachs or headaches the next day. I like to think of myself as a beer drinker and I will freely admit that I didn't give much hope for the homebrew, but it was good stuff and I think I just might be a slight convert!
Bring on the Brew!!

More from Richard next time!

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